Master Noodle Chef Charlie

A Taste of China


Hand-Pulled Noodle
Noodle Chef: Xueliang (Charlie) Zhang has been a Chef for over 30 years and his specialty is pulling noodles with his unique style.Years of practice and experience in the food industry has made Charlie a well known Noodle Chef in China.
Before he came to the United States , he had his own Restaurant in China and was the private Chef for several Chinese military officials . He was often invited by celebrities to cater important banquets. After he came to Dallas, Charlie caught local diners attention immediately by his fantastic skills of cooking and eye-catching performance.The Dallas Morning News has published an article about his amazing talent.


Opening Hours


Monday - Thursday

Lunch 11:00AM -3:30PM

Dinner 5:00PM - 9:30PM


Lunch 11:00AM -3:30PM

Dinner 5:00PM - 10:30PM


Open 11:00AM - 10:30PM


Open 11:00AM -9:30PM

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101 S. Coit RD. Ste 84

Dal Rich Towne Square


T: 972-479-9535

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